How Clearclaim is helpful to me
and my family?

25 May 2022

There are multiple reasons behind increasing unclaimed money in India, which we have already discussed in our blog about ‘Unclaimed Money'.

We at Clearclaim are making a sincere effort to solve this problem and help society.

Let us tell you the story of Mr Mathur. He has made excellent investment plans for himself and his family to secure their future. But is that enough?

His family is not aware of this well-planned future, and even no one in the family is proficient in handling the finances and investments. Unfortunately, one day Mr Mathur passed away in an accident. Now there are two things,

  • 1. What if Mr Mathur’s family members are not aware of his investments? Well, they will never come to know about it in future, and that hard-earned money of Mr Mathur will remain unclaimed for years and finally get added to the government’s welfare trust.
  • 2. If Mr Mathur’s family members are aware of his investments, then are they proficient enough to handle the claim process, procedures, paperwork and hustle they need to do to recover all those investments?

Few investments remain unclaimed even if family members know where is the money. Why? It is because of the compliances like invalid nominees, legal issues like disputes or the complexities involved in the claim process.

Exactly here, Clearclaim comes into the picture, whether scenario 1 or 2. We empower both you and your nominees with our solution and make sure every penny invested by you gets claimed and reaches your nominees or family members in a safe, secure, and hassle-free way.

Clearclaim enables you to record all of your investments in one place. Here we only take the financial institution's name where you have invested your money. We do not ask for any account number or the amount you invested. In addition, we provide timely nominee update reminder calls and assistance to ensure you have a correct and valid nominee for all of your investments.

In case of death, we communicate your investment information to your family members. So, none of your investments remains unknown to your family and provides them with a FREE of cost door-step claim settlement assistance of insurances and all of your investments, whether it’s a saving account, Mutual Fund or any DMAT account. Clearclaim takes care of all complexities, compliances, procedures and follow-ups for your investments. So, nominees don’t have to rush anywhere and sit back while we do the rest.

Clearclaim does not have any interest in your invested money. We provide a very transparent and trustworthy end to end claim settlement by engaging with your nominees on legal terms and agreements. Claim amount directly goes to nominee’s bank account as Clearclaim acts as representative of nominees to deal with the settlement process.

Our vision is to reduce the increasing unclaimed money in India and bring that money to the mainstream to help people to improve their quality of life.