how much pf will be deducted from salary

How much PF will be deducted from your Salary?

If you are an employee in a company, then a portion of your salary goes into the PF account as per the EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) scheme. EPF scheme was started in 1951 for factory employees to provide financial help via savings and insurance. But then it expanded for employees in all the sectors.  Under […]

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what is credit score and cibil score

What is CIBIL Score and Why is it Important?

When you go to the bank to take a loan, be it an education loan, a home loan, a new credit  card, or a personal loan, the bank checks for your creditworthiness. Because by lending you money, the bank bears the risk and thus needs data about your credit history and money habits.  Credit Information […]

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How to withdraw money from a deceased person’s account?

If a deceased family member has an amount left in their bank account, the nominee can easily withdraw it by a simple claim procedure. But what if they didn’t add the nominee? In this case, you will need to claim the money, which requires submitting important mandatory documents and claim forms to the bank. Let […]

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how to know lic surrender value

How to Calculate the Surrender Value of your LIC? – A Complete Guide

With a good intention of giving big returns and security to your family, you invested in a life insurance policy. However, sometimes your budget, financial emergency, or any other reason may make it difficult to continue with the yearly premiums.   In such a case, you can cancel the policy and exit before its maturity. In […]

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how to withdraw pf amount through online

How to Withdraw PF Amount online?

Employee provident fund (EPF), mostly referred to as PF, is a popular saving and investment scheme for salaried employees of registered organizations. The employees can withdraw the entire amount upon retirement or a partial amount in case of some financial emergencies such as health or loan repayment. Let’s look at different criteria where you can […]

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how to convert demat shares to physical shares

How to Convert Physical Shares into a Demat form online hassle-free?

Today if someone has a physical share certificate of a company, they are not alone but lucky. With a physical share certificate in hand, if you want to get the benefits of dividends, payouts, or even sell and trade, you will need to convert a physical share into Demat. The process of converting physical share […]

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Unclaimed Money – Why its increasing in India? & How you can be at risk?

How would you feel if you suddenly found out that you have some hidden treasure in your house that you are unaware of? Won’t you want to dig it out? Won’t you think that – why didn’t I know this before I faced all those hardships? Won’t you believe…I am rich now! Well, it is […]

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Nominee Update – Why it’s Critical? How it helps your family in bad times?

When someone is opening a bank account, getting a new insurance policy or doing anything that involves money or property, it is mandatory to fill out a small column asking who would be the nominee? Many people wonder what a Nominee is and why it is crucial because many legal form filling processes are withheld […]

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Hidden responsibilities that come along when you invest anywhere

TThe death of a loved one is painful and complicated for anybody, but it is a watershed moment for someone who is confronting the loss of a parent for the first time. This loss becomes even graver when the family member who died was responsible for the money management of the entire family. However, as […]

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How Clearclaim is helpful to me and my family?

There are multiple reasons behind the increasing unclaimed money in India, which we have already discussed in our blog about ‘Unclaimed Money. We at Clearclaim are making a sincere effort to solve this problem and help society. Let us tell you the story of Mr. Mathur. He has made excellent investment plans for himself and […]

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