Frequently Asked Questions

Clearclaim Ventures Private Limited is an officially registered company under the Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) at RoC, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

CIN - U67100PN2021PTC206975.


Clearclaim can settle any of your investments. However, we have divided settlements into below categories –

1. Banks - Accounts and lockers

2. Deposits - FD, RD, PPF, NPS and 8 other government policies like Sukanya Yojana, Atal Pension Yojana etc.

3. Policies – Life, Term or Property Insurances and ULIPs

4. DMAT – DMAT Account with any broker

5. Mutual Funds – Mutual funds or SIPs

6. Digital Gold – Any digital golds holding

7. Real Estate – Your freehold properties

8. Bonds – Various bonds like gold and corporate bonds

9. Others – Any investment not covered above

No. Clearclaim's services only cover the assistance in the claim settlement of all your investments except your health and motor insurance claims.

Yes, suppose you subscribe to Clearclaim's services; during the subscription period, we can help and guide you with your PF/EPF/Gratuity issues, physical shares to DMAT conversion, or any queries related to your life insurance.

Clearclaim uses your Aadhaar details to validate your identity. These details are helpful in future to ease the communication with your nominees or family to fast-track your settlement process.

No. You need to tell us where you have invested; we do not want your account numbers or the amount you invested anywhere.

For example, if you have bought Axis Tax Saver mutual fund, you only need to provide this mutual fund name as Axis Tax Saver; that's it; you do not have to give the amount you are investing in this mutual fund or the folio number of mutual fund.

At Clearclaim, we have used highly secured AES – 256-bit data encryption algorithms to encrypt your data, ensuring that your investment details remain safe and secure. No one can see those details, not even the Clearclaim employees or officials. As per the Non-Disclosure agreement, we will only disclose those details to your nominees or family in case of your unfortunate demise.

At Clearclaim, we have a death detection algorithm in which we do a timely passive validation of our customer through biometric logins and app activities; in case passive validation fails, we do active validation of our customer by a phone call to the customer and its emergency contact numbers.

We have provided an "Other" option for such investments where you can mention all details related to that particular investment.

Yes, Clearclaim can settle those non recorded investments only after nominees or family members prior permission and request. To settle such investments, Clearclaim will charge 2-7% of the total settlement amount as a service charge after analysis as per the company policies.

At the renewal date, you will start getting notifications about subscription renewal. You can renew your subscription any time from Profile->My Subscriptions.

You can wait for a couple of days to see if your subscription gets renewed. However, after that, you can raise a support request by sending an email to

You cannot change your mobile number from the Clearclaim app. You need to raise a support request by sending an email to

Open your Clearclaim app. Go to Profile-> Address. Enter your new address and click on update. Your address will be updated immediately.

You can raise a support request by sending an email to

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